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Writing In The Workplace
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Policy and procedure style documents are an every day occurrence in the workplace.  This is the format followed for employee manuals, workplace rules, amendments to regulations and instructions for completing tasks.  The purpose of policies and procedures are to provide instructions for the employees of a company.  The documents need to be clear, concise, and easy to navigate. All information must be accurate and uniform.  These items are used to instruct large groups of people, company-wide and in individual groups.

Tips For Policies And Procedures


       Read all information thoroughly

       Direct questions to human resource

       Write accurately and clearly

       Organize task by designated employee

       Remember that the writing should inform and/or instruct


Visual Examples Of Policy And Procedure Documents

Group 1

Northern Kentucky University

Old Science Room 315

Nunn Drive

Highland Heights, Kentucky 41099

Phone: 859.527.5100