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Email Regarding Office Procedure - Ongoing Communication String


Amy Smith


Joe Johnson, Amy Spears, Bobbie Smith


Fred Smith


Friday - February 4, 2005 9:51 AM


Re: Extra Fly procedures





Well Im not sure how to make it any clearer.  They are different.  The contract does not have a "cut-off" on when adds can be submitted.  If we are in need to cover the operation and we would be extra flying  then we should honor the spirit of the contract regarding Adds.

Adds are when a pilot see something and requests it.
Extra Fly is when a crewmember puts their name on a list and if we call them - they can not refuse what we give them if their name is on the list.  A pilot adding can refuse if they don't like something if the one they wanted is gone.

Does that help...


>>> Mary Johnson
02/04/05 09:06AM >>>
I guess what I don't understand is the difference between adds and extra fly.

>>> Debra Smith
02/04/05 09:02AM >>>

It is different.  Adds vs Extra Flying are different covered in different locations in the contract.  When Open time is "Avail"  and not hidden a pilot has the right to Add those trips.  Before if a pilot wants to add a trip we had to give it to them period regardless if it was day of or not.  No we have an option.  Under adds its first come first served. If we need to Extra Fly then we would approve an Add.  The Union would argue if we are Extra Flying and we say no to an Add we are in violation of 24.H.4.(10).  In would fly in the face of our agreement to allow Adds Day Of via phone when we have a need.  Short is Short and can be covered under either Section 24.H.4.(10) or 24.H.4.(11).  When we are doing Extra Flying we would have to honor an Add. We would loose that battle with the
Union if we didn't.


>>> Mary Jones
02/04/05 08:34AM >>>
No, not really.
I thought the extra fly book was used for day off "operational".   So if we have not called everyone on that list who has put his/her name in how can we circumnavigate him/her and give the trip to someone who calls in and maybe jr to the people on the list.  What is the benefit in putting your name on the extra fly book if scheduling is not going to use.  Also when/if scheduling does choose to use it you can be made to come in even though you may not like the trip.  It seems to be almost punishing to put your name on the list, when you could just call many times during the day and ask if there is extra fly.  (which in turn becomes a nuisance for us here in scheduling to be fielding these calls all day)

>>> Debra Jones
02/04/05 08:12AM >>>

To address your question, this is the agreement we have with the
Union.  When open time is "Avail" it use to be I see it, I get it, regardless if you intended for me to see it or not.  To allow us to cover "Day Of" with out this concept we came to agreement that we published a while ago.  

Today is always "Operational" and after 1700 the next day is considered "Operational" therefore we agreed this "open time" would be given at our discretion.  Meaning, if we choose to give that to an pilot who wants to Add we can or if we have staffing we do not have to honor this request.  In order for us all to agree, we agree with the Union that a pilot may call scheduling to request time that is Operational in lue of having to go through the regular "ADT" process (submitting a request via the computer) and it was up to us to add to not add.  This is totally separate from the Extra Flying provision under Section 24.H.4.(11), this is falls under Section 24.H.4.(10) of the agreement.

Does that help answer your question?


>>> Mary Johnson
02/04/05 06:14AM >>>
Hello Krista
Why do we not have to go throught the extra fly book?  The reason I ask is some pilots feel if their name is in the extra fly book they will be called if extra fly is available and therefore do not call us.  Also when using the extra fly book we assign out trip based on seniority.  So by giving out trips to the pilots who call in and not going throught the book first we could be assigning out of seniority order.  Is this correct or am I not thinking right?


>>> Krista Molzberger
02/03/05 06:52PM >>>
When open time is available or the SAW is open, the following procedures should be followed.

The following time line defines Day of Operation:

Between the hours of 0001 - 2400 TODAY, open time for TODAY is considered NOT AVAILABLE.  You are NOT required to give it to a pilot who calls asking for the trip.  It is at our discretion.

Between the hours of 0001-1700 TODAY, open time for TOMORROW is considered AVAILABLE. Planning will handle all requests during this time.  All requests must be submitted through the ADT process.

Between the hours of 1701 - 0000 TODAY, open time for TOMORROW is considered NOT AVAILABLE.  You are NOT required to give it to a pilot who calls asking for the trip.  It is at our discretion.  If you need the pilot for the trip, you may give it to him.  You do NOT have to go through the extra fly list first.

Between the hours of 0001 - 2400 TODAY, open time for 2 DAYS OUT& FUTURE is considered AVAILABLE.  Planning will handle all requests during this time.  It must be submitted thought the ADT process.

Please keep this email for future reference!

Thank You!



Email Regarding Filing Office Paperwork



Tuesday - July 20, 2004 12:20 PM


Filing of the paperwork




I hope that this will clear up any confusion about the drawers where each shifts paperwork is placed.
Gina, Ryan and I spent hours trying to organize all the paperwork. Here is the system we hope will work.
ALL of COCKPIT paperwork will be filed over by Bob Ls desk.
The first drawer on both cabinets is the CURRENT month (JULY)
The second drawer on both cabinets is the PAST month (JUNE)
The third drawer on both cabinets is the 60 PAST month (MAY).

Cockpit we have to keep for 2months, FA for 3months.

ALL of FLIGHT ATTENDANT paperwork will be filed in the filing cabinet in front of cubical line that Debi resides (in front of the empty cube).
The first drawer on the right side  is the CURRENT month (July)
The second drawer on the right side  is the PAST month (June)
The third drawer on the right side is the 60 PAST month (May)
The third drawer on the left side is the 90 PAST month (Apr)
The first two drawers on the left side are inflight planning- do NOT throw anything of their paperwork away.

Now- when the new month comes along the overnight shift will only have to:
Cockpit:  move the July (current) into the next drawer down, move June (past) drawer down, and throw away May (60 past month).
FA side: move July (current) into the next drawer down, move June (past) down, move May (60 past month) to the left side of the cabinet, and throw away Apr (90 past month).

PLEASE- if you work on the 1st of the month- do not MIX any days. Follow the instructions above for the 1st only.

Also we all complain about supplies in the office- especially paperclips. Your paperwork does not need any paperclips in them. You can divide your paperwork with a piece of paper if needed. If every shift used one paperclip and we keep 90 days worth of paperwork you can imagine how many paperclips we use that are not needed. (I found over 100 paperclips in the drawers)

If you have any questions please see me- it took a very long time to get things orgainzed.


Group 1

Northern Kentucky University

Old Science Room 315

Nunn Drive

Highland Heights, Kentucky 41099

Phone: 859.527.5100



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