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Internal Memorandum Examples

Memo Regarding Overtime


TO: All Schedulers      DATE:  Feb 9,2005


FROM:  Mandy Smith

SUBJECT:  Overtime 

We are still in winter operations and the new bid takes the A.M. shift during the week and some nights down to minimum(s). This means that if one person calls out for their shift we are down to 4 schedulers on the shift. Lately you have noticed that we have called people at home, sometimes everyday, to cover the shift(s). We would like to know who is available to come in on their days off. This would include schedulers and planners. In the back of the scheduling book is a list of people that would like to come in on their off days. We used this for IROP day(s) and now would like to extend that to include days when we are short staffed. Please write your name on that sheet if you are interested. If we do not get anyone to come in and we are still short staffed or in IROP there will be mandatory overtime. If you come in for any overtime you will be paid the applicable pay associated with that pay period.

Please familiarize yourself with your policies and procedures found below. 

The job of a Crew Scheduler can be affected by many different factors (I.E. weather, charters, mechanical and staffing).  Keeping this in mind, there may be times when you may be required to stay to insure the operation has recovered.  An example would be a night shift worker that may need to remain past the scheduled “off” time until all flights have been blocked in.  This is necessary to insure all crewmembers will receive the required amount of rest per the FAR’s. 

It may also be requested that you work on a scheduled day off in order to cover an open shift on the schedule, or to assist with the operation during irregular operations. 

Time cards need to be signed by the Supervisor on duty to receive pay credit for times that extend the regularly scheduled shift. 

Also if anyone is interested in doing a self-shift trade on a day where we have adequate staffing, but inadequate staffing on another day please fill out the shift trade paperwork. These will be allowed on a case by case basis only.

The guidelines are the same as if you trade with another scheduler or your request for any other time off.

Any shift trades that are not published in the scheduling book are not approved and it should not be assumed that it is.  Do not hand write shift trade request in the book.  

Let’s all try to work together to support our fellow schedulers if we are short or in IROP. If you have any questions on this memo please see a supervisor. 

Memo Regarding Change Of Leadership
Please read the attached memorandum from Joe Smith, senior vice
president and chief of Operations for Air Lines, regarding new

The text of the memo is enclosed below and is also available on EPIC.
Additional communication will be coming out shortly.

Thank you,
Corporate Communications

To: All Employees
From: Joseph C. Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief of Operations
Subject: New Leadership

Randy Jones has informed me of his decision to step down as
President of Airlines, effective immediately, to pursue other
opportunities. Randy was instrumental in shaping the growth and
direction of one of the nation's leading regional air carriers. His
significant contributions and strong leadership over many years is
appreciated. We wish him well.

Effective today, Fred Martin will assume the duties of President of
Airlines. Fred brings extensive executive experience in airline planning,
operations, finance and leadership to this position. Before taking the
helm of Delta's connection carrier network as Chief Executive Officer of
ABC, Inc., he served as Senior Vice President-Strategy and Business
Development; Vice President of Operational Planning, Control and
Reliability; as well as Vice President-Depart Airport Customer Service
for Air Lines.

A former U.S. Air Force aviator, Fred holds an Airline Transport
pilot's license and is type-rated on the Boeing 737-800 and CRJ-200. He
brings passion and professionalism to an airline that shares both
qualities throughout its ranks, and I know he will lead the Airlineteam
to new levels of excellence, with your support.

Thank you for all your efforts to keep Airline flying strong.

Internal Memo Regarding Payroll Change

From: North America HR & Payroll Services


Date: December 30, 2004


Subject: Change in the delivery of your pay statement


Over the past few months, electronic pay statements have replaced paper pay statements for many U.S. employees whose pay is directly deposited into an account. (Employees who are not enrolled in direct deposit continue to receive their paychecks by the current delivery method.) Your final paper pay statement will be printed and delivered to you for the pay period ending January 15. If you want to continue to receive a paper pay statement, you can follow the instructions that will be sent to you in mid-January. Electronic delivery of your pay statement is part of Citigroup's goal to encourage the use of HR and payroll self-service. By using HR and payroll self-service, you have easy access to current and past pay information in seconds. In addition, some of the company's costs associated with producing and delivering pay statements will be reduced.


Visit HR and payroll self-service

You can view your pay statement online as early as two calendar days prior to each payday by visiting the Employee Portal in either of two ways:


Going directly to the Employee Portal at or  


Via the North America HR & Payroll Services page at, which offers information about the things you can do using HR and payroll self-service. To get to the Employee Portal, click on the link for "self-service."


On the Employee Portal page, enter your user ID (login ID) and single sign-on password. For instructions on how to obtain a user ID and password, go to the Employee Portal at and click on "Single Sign-on" in the yellow box.


After logging into the Employee Portal, go to "My Basics" in the lower right corner of the home page and click on "U.S. Pay Statement." To view your pay statement for a prior pay period, click on "Paycheck Selection."


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