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Acknowledgement Letter Examples

Acknowledgement From New Company President

January 17, 2005


Dear Airlines Team,


Working with Airlines for several years, I have developed a deep respect for your

team, especially your entrepreneurial spirit and the passion for excellence you bring to

your careers. I also appreciate his history and reputation as a pioneer in the

industry, and I am both grateful and excited to be engaged with you now on a day-to-day



There is no question we have much to do together as we face opportunities and

challenges in the coming weeks and months. It is a tough industry environment that only

continues to become more demanding at every turn. However, we can be positioned to

compete and win if we focus on these three things:


o Ensuring operational integrity for safe and reliable operations, making

certain we are the best by any measure regardless of the mission;

o Fostering customer service excellence through customer-friendly policies,

technology advancements and a caring approach to our customers and

each other;

o Achieving a winning growth strategy that positions us as the regional

carrier of choice regardless of the events that unfold.


We will need every bit of your spirit and passion to take on the hard work

necessary to put Airlines back in the leadership position that built the company over the

years. My experience with the Airlines team gives me great confidence that we will take

the right steps quickly and decisively to be the best.

On a personal note, I am thankful to have worked closely with Randy for the last

three years. His 20 years and many contributions have been a vital part of Airlines



It is my goal to spend the next several weeks and months getting to know you

better and listening to your input. I look forward to working with you to chart our

company’s winning course.



Fred Smith




Acknowledgement of Work Efforts



December 30, 2004

Airlines Team,

Our airline just experienced one of the most difficult operational disruptions in its history, one where we unfortunately let down tens of thousands of customers who wanted only to reach friends and family for the holidays. The efforts of Airlines people in dealing with these challenges were exemplary. We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to all members of the Airlines team for the extraordinary lengths you took to help our customers and each other during this unprecedented challenge.


Please know that your efforts will not be in vain. Now and over the next few weeks, we will be looking extensively at all the issues that led to the events that required tremendous efforts on your behalf and greatly inconvenienced our customers. Some actions include:


Upgrading the crew scheduling system, monitoring and backup procedures. In addition,

many people involved in the crew planning/bidding/scheduling process already know that the implementation of a new crew scheduling system is planned by mid-2005.

Conducting a stringent review of our winter operations processes, particularly those related to intense icing conditions, deicing fluid availability and alternative contingency planning for ground equipment.

Continuing coordination with the people and resources at Airlines so we can avoid disruption to our operations and provide as much information as possible to our customers.


You have our promise that we will learn from this experience so that we can continue to earn your dedication and our customers’ respect.


Altogether, you have been the silver lining of a very dark cloud. The list of your efforts could go on for miles. We want to acknowledge a few examples of acts both large and small that demonstrate your spirit in helping our customers and supporting the rest of the team.


Airlines people with scheduling experience assisted Crew Scheduling with crew notifications and other tasks.

Crewmembers who saw that Customer Services agents were busy assisting customers offered to post flight numbers at Concourse C and deliver food and drinks to agents. They also brought customers essential items such as diapers for babies.

Customer Service agents helped Airlines people work the ticket counter, the baggage area and the ramp as they dealt with customers impacted by our operation. Some even cared for customers’ pets overnight until they could be shipped to their owners.

Airlines people from a number of different areas also volunteered to escort customers or assist those in wheelchairs.

A member of the Maintenance team drove to a customer’s home to dig out an Airlines shuttle driver who was trying to deliver delayed bags to a customer.

General Office staff helped support the operation in numerous ways including working the ramp to free aircraft from icy conditions and helping with baggage. Many are still supporting

Customer Relations by answering the phones to provide customer assistance and address concerns.2


This list does not include the thousands of people that worked extra hours, took on additional responsibilities - many times in inclement weather - to help our company respond to customers’ needs. Hundreds pitched in on their days off and during the holiday to help in any manner they could.


Also outstanding during this challenge were Airlines employees throughout the network and particularly in Cincinnati. Airlines people lent more than a helping hand in addressing our customers’ and company’s needs. When our people joined with Airlines employees to help in efforts to assist our customers, our Airlines colleagues embraced those efforts. Please extend your gratitude to those Airlines employees with whom you interact.


We recognize that persevering through the last several days required a team effort like no other, and the Airlines team offered everything possible. The spirit of cooperation displayed by Airlines people, Airlines team members, and even our families and loved ones, has been remarkable. We especially would like to encourage you to share this message of thanks with your family and friends because their support and understanding was vital to our team.


From the entire leadership team, you have our sincerest appreciation for your efforts.

Thank you,

Acknowledgement Of Stock Ownership

August 2002


Dear Colleague:


We value your contribution to us. Even in challenging times, our company has continued to grow and bring in record profits, thanks to employees like you.


It is with this in mind that we are pleased to provide you with your Ownership Program grant in recognition of your hard work and commitment to the company.


One of our core values is to promote employee ownership. We believe that owning stock offers you an additional opportunity to help shape the company and benefit from its future growth. The Ownership Program is one of the ways we help employees invest in our success.


Please note that your grant agreement contains the grant price and number of shares in your grant as of June 30, 2002. To view both - after they are adjusted due to the Property Casualty Corp distribution - visit after September 4, 2002 or simply divide the number of shares shown in your grant agreement by .9326627 and multiply the grant price in your grant agreement by .9326627. For information on the distribution, visit or contact your HR representative.


For more details about the Ownership Program, visit or contact the Stock Plan Service Center at 1-555-444-0222.


Congratulations on your grant!




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